Is there a strategy that I can use to make money from Safemoon?

10 June 2022

There are two  main ways to earn money trading Safemoon coin.

1. Day trading using the Safemoon burn rate data
This is the strategy i use the most. As you already know SafemoonBurn is a burn rate tracker. Meaning that when the team of Safemoon is burning tokens then it is very possible to have a spike in price.

So keep monitoring the burn rate of safemoon and when you see a big burn then buy coins and sell at a 3-5% increase. Easy money!

Do this type of trades after a big drop. Buy low sell high!

2. Long term positioning.

Buy, hold and sell in the future!

In the future, SAFEMOON could become an essential tool for users who want to keep their data safe and secure and business owners who need to protect their confidential information.

So i am pretty sure that Safemoon price will increase in the future and you can earn a lot from the trade.

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