This blog is intended to serious investors who want to discuss both the good and bad of Safemoon.
We do not spead either FUD or FOMO. Just pure information found here.

Criticism and skepticism is our main pillar here.
 Besides out main project, where we monitor the safemoon burn rate, the safemoon v2 price and the safemoon burn rate per day we are also an engaged part of the community.

We will share the latest news about Safemoon coin on our blog and we are hoping to grow the community.

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*Disclaimer.  Please do your own research (DYOR) before you decide to buy or sell Safemoon. SafemoonBurn take no responsibilities for the consequences of your investment decisions.*

About the site

This is the blog of Safemoonburn , the burn rate tracker for SafeMoon coin.

Here you can read anything concerning Safemoon Coin. Latest news, opinions and rumors about our favorite coin hoping to make us rich!

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To the Safe...Moon!!!